The Butterfly Program is a program to help people learn to use their talents, skills, gifts and abilities which will effect the rest of their life. All participants MUST ATTEND Orientation, then move to two eight week classes Basic Budgeting and Who Am I. Once those courses are completed, participants are given the option to move to Advance Budgeting and apply the skills they learned from the first classes. Participants not wanting to continue in Applied Budgeting are welcome to complete any class in the future. Participants working in Basic Budgeting or Advance Budgeting receive incentives (Click Here for a Sample Incentive Form) for attendance and homework completion. For more information about classes see our Course Catalog.

A few times a year a Celebration Night occurs. This night is dedicated to giving certificates of completion for the 8 week budgeting class, sharing successes.


Classes are hosted at Christian Life Fellowship 366 SE 5th St. Ontario, OR.




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