Love INC’s main focus is helping churches help individuals and families in need. Fill out the application and one of our Clearinghouse Staff will call you to complete the intake process Monday-Friday 9am-1pm. We are not an emergency relief organization, and may not respond to needs the same day. If you are seeking assistance and were referred to Love INC completing the partial application below will speed up the process. At this time we are not able to help with RENT resources. Fill out the application below for other needs and one of our Clearinghouse Staff will call you to finish completing the intake process.

We provide services in up to 3 incidents before asking our clients to participate in some kind of class. We will ask for some verification of needs as well, the most common being a Statement of Benefits from the Oregon Department of Human Services or Idaho Health and Welfare. For other information about help please click here.

Application for Assistance

Birthdate (For Verification Purposes):*
Physical Address:
Mail Address (If Different from Above):
Secondary Phone (If needed):
Spouse's Name:
Spouse Birthdate:
Who Referred You To Love INC
What Is Your Current Need? (If Furniture please include your landlord's name and phone for verification purposes)
What Is Your Total Income?
Agencies that you are working with
Do You Attend Church? If So Which One?
What Caused Your Situation? Why Are You Needing Help?
If you attend a church please share which one

Remember that you will need to turn in some forms of verification