000_0529Tri-County Love INC’s mission is to mobilize the church to transform lives and communities in the name of Jesus Christ.

We help churches, help people.

We work to help low income families with goods and services by coordinating churches and the goods and services they can provide. This helps the church serve the community and be the light of Jesus Christ.

Tri-County Love INC exists as a 501c3 with our own board of directors from a variety of churches in the West Treasure Valley. We partner with churches and agencies to have a central clearinghouse for various ministries for the poor and the needy. This central clearinghouse can verify and clarify needs. This prevents abuse of churches, but also allows churches have a great impact in their own ministries. The system also lets the church peer into the lives of families and see the deeper issues, depression, poor thinking, under employment or unemployment. With the Clearinghouse we can aim to give a hand up, not just a handout.

These deeper issues can be addressed through classes. Each class contains an accountability component to help keep the families on track. Budgeting classes, cooking classes, healthy relationship class garden classes and more all help point people to self-sustaining life styles and improve, not only their finances, but their whole life.